The Last Few Days

Hello :)

Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while. I have been busy and not so busy. LOL Before I start this, let me apologize for the rambling.

Friday night after work I went to exchange the food processor I bought a little while ago. Nothing is wrong with it, I just changed my mind (which is a good thing since I hadn't taken it out of the box yet LOL). LOL You see, when I bought it at my local Williams Sonoma, they only had the Cuisinart food processors. I had just got the Kitchen Aid blender (still loving it) and my plans are to FINALLY get the stand mixer (WOO HOO) after Christmas (since I have notified anyone who is asking just to get me a Williams Sonoma Gift Certificate and nothing else. If I go roughly by past Christmases…I won't be paying very much if anything at all for it). I had no clue that Williams Sonoma sold a Kitchen Aid Food Processor since my local store doesn't carry it. I found out about it online. I did inquire about exchanging it there, but they told me that they didn't know if they were getting it and for some reason they couldn't have it sent from another store. I found that odd, but I guess every company has their rules.

So…off to New Jersey I went. I was low on gas so I decided to make a quick stop before I was going to be in BIG trouble. Much to my delight…I ended up at a gas station that was selling regular unleaded for $1.99!!! Yes…$1.99!!! New Jersey is ALWAYS cheaper than Pennsylvania when it comes to gas…and all of their pumps are full service. It is against the law to pump your own gas. How sweet is that. LOL I can't remember the last time I saw anything under $2.00 It certainly hasn't been since I got my new car. I remember when I was looking for cars I went to a website where it would tell you how much it was to fill your tank. At that time, I was putting in $4.00/gallon. I never paid that much but I got AWFULLY close (as in within a few cents). Now it was half the price. :) Still…for oil being around $60 a barrel…I don't think we are anywhere near where we were when it was that price before. If we were, the oil companies wouldn't be posting record profits (that is digusting if you ask me).

Back to the food processor. I arrived at the mall about an hour later and found a parking spot that was close to the mall entrance. The problem was, I wasn't sure where the store was in relation to the entrance. I have been there quite a few times, but I don't have the layout in my memory. Thankfully it wasn't that far. That damn box was heavy as hell carrying it through the mall. I would say somewhere around 25lbs of dead weight. Let's say I walked as quickly as I could…leaning to the side with my purse in one hand and the box in the other. LOL I made the exchange as quick as I could and left it there while I walked around the mall a little bit. After a quick bite for dinner and a stop at Crate and Barrel to drool over their gorgeous Christmas stockings, I went back to my car to drive down to the "back door" to pick up the new food processor (which is a good thing since this one is even heavier LOL).

Saturday morning I went over to my cousin's for breakfast. We get together there every now and then with my mom and aunt. I decided to make a little something so I made a QUICK and VERY EASY apple tart for everyone. The only difference from the recipe is that I sprinkled a little cinnamon on the puff pastry before I laid the apples on for a little extra flavor and used the "Sugar in the raw" for the granulated brown sugar. If you decide to make it, make sure you either use a non-stick cookie sheet/jelly roll pan or put some parchment paper down on it if you don't have non-stick. We ended up with a mess at my cousin's (she swears up and down that her cookie sheets are non-stick when clearly with one look…they are not. LOL) We talked about my cousin's new house and how she wanted to decorate the inside. Then I mentioned to my mother that I wanted to make some changes to my apartment. It still needs a paint job desperately. Right now I have a very soft light beige on the walls. If I don't keep the same color (although I want to change the finish from flat to eggshell (I think that is the next one up), I MIGHT change it to a really light grey. We shall see. All I know is that I need to get more natural light in here somehow. That is not an easy task since none of my windows get any direct sunlight (which explains why I have a hard time with plants here). I told my mom I wish Vern could come and design everything (although I can do more than fine on my own in my opinion). He would just put that finished touch on things. LOL She said she likes him too (even though his style is completely mine and not hers) and said he has the most warmest and genuine smile she has ever seen. I agree…he seems like such a nice guy (as nice as Ertug LOL)

We also started talking about Christmas. My aunt was telling us about a woman she knew when we were kids. She said that she told her children that for Christmas they were only to pick three presents because they were celebrating Jesus' special day (that is what he got) and that when their birthday came that they would have a big celebartion just for them. I thought that was a really great idea. So often, at least in the US, we forget why we celebrate Christmas. "Santa" is not the reason. LOL For those who have a lot of children to buy for (like our family has), the holidays end up being very stressful to provide for that many people all at once….the shopping for gifts, the cooking/baking, the decorating, holiday parties, etc. I personally love the holidays, but I do those things on a much smaller scale because I don't have my own family yet. Naturally we can't tell the kids that that is the new present policy (they won't go for that LOL), but for my hopefully future family, they would never know the difference…just as long as my hopefully future husband would agree. That way, we could enjoy the holiday season a lot more as a family without all the chaos that comes with it.

My mom then brought up what will happen next week for Thanksgiving. I told her I got a message from Francine. As a side note…would you believe she added me on Facebook!!! Damn! Yes, she is family and I love her…but she is cramping my style!! LOL I deleted a lot of what was on there and now am watching what I type. I know she went through my pics from Istanbul because she commented on them. Who knows what else she has looked at. I normally edit myself a TINY bit on there anyway because some people that I am "friends" with on there are on a need to know basis (mostly…they don't need to know LOL). I can't wait to see if she says anything about something on there on Thanksgiving. I am sure she will. :::sigh::: Getting back to Saturday and the message. I said I thought it was weird because Francine asked me what my plans were for Thanksgiving. I thought, "What do you think I am going to do…what I have been doing for the last 32 years. LOL" I wrote back telling her that I thought it was at her mother's this year and that I was thinking about making a dessert. She replied, telling me to make something decadent. LOL My mother laughed and informed me that since she isn't making the dinner this year (long story, not going to go into here), that two of my aunts were buying EVERTYHING. Nothing was going to be homemade. :( I thought about that today…and realized that maybe my dessert was going to be the only one there…and what I had decided on…well, wasn't going to cut it as Thanksgiving dessert if it was the only one. I immediately called my mother and asked her. She informed me that they will be making the turkey because they can't buy one already
prepared at the size they need. LOL Then I asked her about the sides. I can't imagine not having my mom's stuffing and Thanksgiving Day was the only day I got to eat it. She told me that she will have to make some of the sides for my stepfather next week….so she will give me some of the stuffing. My guess is that they might end up making everything, especially since she said they would make some pumpkin pies. After all that, how hard can string beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and stuffing be? I don't know why they didn't ask each of us to take one part of the dinner instead of planning on buying everything. It's sad if that is what happens. This might be one of the last few Thanksgiving their mom might have. Giving her a store bought holiday dinner is just not right after all the dinners she made for them.

After I left there, I stopped at a couple of place on my way home. I wanted to get back before Giada was on at 1:00. I was going to run some more errands after that, but it was nasty outside and I had such a sinus headache so I napped. After dinner I spent the night relaxing and watched Sabrina with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. Today was another relaxing day due to sinus issues. I think I am going to take something before I go to bed.

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